Course curriculum

    1. The Choreo Demo

    2. The Choreo

    3. Hammer Lock Demo

    4. Hammer Lock

    5. Rodrigo Demo

    6. Rodrigo

    7. In and Out Back Demo

    8. In and Out Back

    9. U-Turn Demo

    10. U-Turn

    11. The Brush Demo

    12. The Brush

    13. Watch Ya Back Demo

    14. Watch Ya Back

    15. Cuban NewYorker Demo

    16. Cuban Newyorker

    17. Stepping in Front of The Line Demo

    18. Stepping In Front of The Line

    19. Uppercut Demo

    20. Uppercut

    21. Magic Hands Demo

    22. Magic Hands

    23. Short & Sweet Extended Demo

    24. Short & Sweet Extended

    25. Spinorama Demo

    26. Spinorama

    27. Changing Lanes Demo

    28. Changing Lanes

    29. Promenade Demo

About this course

  • 29 leçons



Senior Instructor Ilias Benz (en)

Ilias is the founder and director of Baila Productions, one of Montreal's premiere Salsa dance schools. He has more than 20 years of experience in numerous dances: Jazz, Hip Hop, Modern, African Dances and of course Salsa! His goal is to teach you in a relaxed and easy-going manner even the most technical points.