Course curriculum

  • 1

    Cuban Salsa Solo Practice

    • Cuban Intro CC

    • Opening CC

    • Deliqueno Solo CC

    • Basic & Dile Qe No With Music

    • Right Turn CC

    • Hook CC

    • Hook With Music

    • Kit Kat CC

    • Kit Kat Kick With Music

    • Partner Basic CC

    • Right Turn Partner CC

    • Deli Que No Partner CC

    • Echufle CC

    • Echufle double cc

    • Partner Hook CC

    • Mochila CC

    • Partner Demo



Leangel Chavez (en)

Leangel Chavez, Cuban Salsa specialist, is certified by Ballets Folkloriques de Camagüey de Cuba. And has been the principal dancer in this organization for many years.
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